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Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Steam Iron Portable Garment Steamer Travel Steam Iron Home Wrinkle Iron VMI

Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Steam Iron Portable Garment Steamer Travel Steam Iron Home Wrinkle Iron VMI

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Deerma Garment Steamer is a fast heating device from Xiaomi that can act as both a garment steamer and an iron. The device can be disassembled, as the gadget itself is created in an ergonomic design. Thanks to this, it does not take up much space in the owner's house. The device can iron even winter clothes or coats since the ironing area is more than 150%. Steam from the device is supplied at a pressure of 0.5 bar. This is enough to smooth clothes out in seconds. The weight of the device is 740 grams. This ensures its mobility - you can take the steamer with you on any travel.

Product Description
* Supercharging technology, continuous large steam.
* 1200W high power, 30 seconds fast warm-up
* 130℃ aluminum panel, maintain high temperature, ironing without dripping,
* The ceramic glaze layer is smoother and protects the clothes.
* High temperature sterilization to eliminate mites, the cleaning rate reaches 99.9%
* 160ML water tank.
* Humanized design, light and comfortable.
* Supports horizontal ironing, like an electric iron.
【How to Use】
1.Assemble the machine.
2.Fill water into the machine tank: minimum 1/3 of the tank capacity.
3.Plug in the Power,then the red indicator light(between the main machine and the tank) is on.
4.Wait for around 10s,the indicator light will be off.
5.You can start to iron your clothes now!
Rated voltage 220V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated power 1200W
Product size 175 × 92 x215mm (water tank)
GB 4706.1-2005,GB 4706.84-2007
Executive standard
GB 4343.1-2018,GB 17625.1-2012
-Do not leave while the product is powered on.
-Please don't spray steam on human body or animal to avoid scalding.
-Do not let children, people who have no independent behavior ability or lack relevant experience to use this product alone, so as to avoid danger.
-Please unplug the power plug when repairing, cleaning or cleaning.
-Do not add hot water into the water tank to prevent deformation.
-Do not add other solutions to the tank.
-When using electrical appliances, pay attention to prevent the risk of steam splashing.
-After use, when inverting the residual hot water in the water tank, please prevent scalding.
-After use, please let the appliance cool naturally.
【Packing list】
1 X Mijia Garment Steamer
1 X Water storage container
1 X brush
1 X Instructions for use

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