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Xiaomi Mijia Electric Rice Cooker C1 4L Automatic Adjustable Quick Cooking Electric Rice Cooker

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Rice Cooker C1 4L Automatic Adjustable Quick Cooking Electric Rice Cooker

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Household pot 4L

Handy for family use

The 4L capacity rice cooker can cook 12 bowls of rice in one pot (a household bowl with a diameter of 11 cm), which can meet the needs of large families or weekend gatherings.

One-click customization of cooking plan 24 modes to choose

The rice cooker C1 has built-in 8 types of cooking functions. At the same time, there is a special cooking time button, which can adjust the heating time of each cooking mode with one button. It can be matched with 24 different cooking modes. You have the final say on what you want to eat and what taste you want.

20 minutes of hot water quick rice

Rapid boiling efficiency doubles

Pour rice and hot water into the rice cooker and select the hot water quick rice mode * to greatly increase the cooking speed. It's quick and easy, and you don't have to be in a hurry when time is tight.

  *"Hot water and quick rice" mode requires hot water > 70 degrees Celcius , and 4L rice cooker can only add > 2 cups of raw rice

Make an appointment 24 hours

Let the deliciousness arrive as expected

The built-in 24-hour smart appointment function can accurately the cooking end time. Put the ingredients before you go out, and you can eat delicious delicacies when you go home.

 Large volume rate body

Allocate more space to food

Optimize the design of the fuselage, increase the space utilization rate, can significantly reduce the footprint, and can be handly regardless of storage or placement

 *Rice cooker 4L version is 860W power

New curved liner

Improve heat flow stability

Adopting the improved new concave arc surface hot plate and the newly designed bottom convex inner liner, the contact between the two is closer. The heat flow of the new inner pot can move along the bottom wall of the pot to the outside and the direction of the temperature-sensing surface during heating, thereby promoting the stable distribution of the heat flow during boiling and further improving the fullness of the rice grains.

Upper and lower dual temperature probe 

Automatic adjustment for safety and worry

Built-in upper and lower double NTC temperature probes real-time monitor the temperature in the pot for automatic adjustment, which is not easy to overflow the pot.

Explicit implicit panel design

Mijia quality is in the same line

Simple and easy-to-use operation panel, information transmission is detailed and clear, even the first time you use it, you can quickly cook food. The explicit and hidden panel, screen, and body are integrated, exquisite, and versatile.


  • Brand: Xiaomi Mijia

  • Product name: Rice Cooker

  • Product model: MDFBD3ACM (4L)

  • Rated volume: 4.0L

  • Heating method: electric heating plate heating

  • Rated power: 860W (4L)

  • Liner material: alloy

  • Voltage / rated frequency: 220V ~ / 50Hz

  • Product size: 353 × 262 × 222mm (4L)



  • Non-stick pan, easy to clean, more durable

  • Totally Safe and durable, lead a smart life. Unique design, nice appearance

  • Xiaomi electric rice cooker is great for home use. 

  • Intelligent appointment function, 24 hours standby.

  • Automatic heat preservation system.

  • Clear and smart LED display.

  • Electromagnetic heating, easy to infuse flavor.

  • 24 Modes Customized Cooking Plan

  • 4L is fit for 8-10 people



  • 1 x Electric Rice Cooker

  • 1 x Power Cable

  • 1 x Rice Spoon

  • 1 x Steam Tray

  • 1 x Measuring cup

  • English Manual



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