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XTUGA KX622 Wireless Microphone for Music Instrument

XTUGA KX622 Wireless Microphone for Music Instrument

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Easy Adjustable Cord Gooseneck



A flexible gooseneck design allows you to effortlessly position the microphone to pick up sound. A cord neck flexes any way you please and stays in place so that you can project sound perfectly

Easy Charging 

Built-in rechargeable 400mAh batteries, the transmitter and receiver can be charged simultaneously using the dual head micro USB charging cable, can be charged by power bank or PC USB interface, more convenient. Has a working time of 4-5 hours on a normal 1.5 hours full charge.

High Sound Quality


Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source. Adopt high sensitivity pickup. Provides loud, clear, high-fidelity sound.

Two in one charging line



Distribute the two-in-1 charging cable, which can charge the receiver and transmitter at the same time, which is convenient and quick, saving you time

Firm and stable




The base frame is made of special silicone rubber to protect the instrument from scratches. It has the effect of damping and noise reduction

Battery Life lasting

Built-In rechargeable 400mah batteries Continuous use for about 4-5hours


Apply to Equipment

Voice Recording Applicable Device

How to use:

Start-up: Short press the transmitter intermediate power key and the receiver power key.

Shutdown: Press the transmitter intermediate power key and the receiver power key for 3 seconds

This product has been paired by default when it leaves the factory. It can be used on boot. If multiple machines use serial frequency at the same time, just press the boot button of transmitter to change frequency.

One transmitter of this product can be used in pairs with up to 10 receivers at the same time. In the case of replacement of transmitting or receiving equipment, it is necessary to re-pair.

The operation instructions are as follows:

A)Transmitter operation: Press the boot button for 5 seconds, when the power indicator flashes once, then press the transmitter boot button once quickly, and when you see the power indicator flashing, you enter the matching mode.

B)Receiver operation: After the transmitter enters the matching mode, turn on the receiver, wait 2 seconds and press the transmitter & apes boot button 1 to complete the frequency matching At this time, you can speak to the microphone to test the voice. If the matching is successful, the receiver will flash red light when speaking.

C)Exit pairing The frequency can be automatically locked and matched by pressing the startup key of the transmitter.

Product List: 

1x UHF Instrument Microphone Transmitter
1x Receiver 1x Dual Head USB Charging Cable
1x 6.35mm(1/4”) Adapter Plug
1x Y-shaped Phone Adapter
1x Mic windproof cotton
1x Portable storage bag
1x User Manual.

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